All Ocean Audio products are Designed, Developed & Hand-Built in the UK by Malcolm Toft.
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March 2014 - Musikmesse Frankfurt - Ocean Audio announced the Ark 900 range

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High End Analogue Audio from the UK

All Ocean Audio products are designed by Malcolm Toft, who was the founder of console manufacturer Trident Audio Developments in 1972. Prior to that he was a recording engineer whose credits include the David Bowie ‘Space Oddity’ album, three albums with T-Rex and James Taylor’s first album. He was also involved with the mixing of the Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ single at Trident Recording Studios in 1968.

Malcolm has been designing recording consoles for over forty years and some of the artists who have recorded hits on his consoles include: Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Rod Stewart, Queen, David Bowie and Elton John. More recently, Radiohead, Muse, Dire Straits, Coldplay and Oasis have added their name to the list.

Malcolm was made a visiting professor by Leeds College of music in 2008 in recognition of his unique combination of experience as a recording engineer and console designer. It is this wealth of experience and pedigree that is brought to the design of all Ocean Audio products.

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and the Ocean Audio team.

According to Malcolm :

"The idea was to go back to where it all began, in England.  I have a history here, recording T-Rex, David Bowie and the Beatles; and this is where I designed and built, the now legendary, Trident consoles.  I wanted to go back to my roots and build another classic British company."

The aim of the company is to produce products designed and hand-crafted in the UK, under the supervision of Malcolm himself, but keeping the price comparable to production in the Far East.

All products use conventional components and through-hole mount for ease of servicing.
All our products are designed to last a life-time.

All Ocean Audio products are Designed, Developed & Hand-Built in the UK by Malcolm Toft.