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The Ark 500 range is the first analogue recording console that has been designed completely with 500-series modules in mind.

There are two sizes of full-featured consoles available which have: input channels, routing, group / output channels and master / control room monitor section.
There are also two sizes of expanders available which only have the input channels and routing and need to be connected to either one of the full-featured consoles.

Ark 516 : 16 input channels; 8 subgroups; 32 monitor/line/FX returns; 40 slots for 500-series modules; 48 inputs available for mix-down.
Ark 504 : 4 input channels; 8 subgroups; 20 monitor/line/FX returns; 16 slots for 500-series modules; 24 inputs available for mix-down.

Ark 516 Expander : 16 input channels; 16 monitor/line/FX returns; 32 slots for 500-series modules; 32 additional inputs available for mix-down.
Ark 508 Expander : 8 input channels; 8 monitor/line/FX returns; 16 slots for 500-series; 16 additional inputs available for mix-down.

A mix of two 508 or 516 expanders can be connected to either the Ark 504 or 516.

Any 500-series module can be used on any channel, by using an external patchbay or through direct connections on the back.

The console will function perfectly well in it's basic (unloaded) form as a line level mixer.
The electronics have been designed to provide the utmost sonic performance.
The latest range of high performance op amps are used in all critical paths and ground sensing balanced outputs with high current drive are employed where necessary.

All inputs, outputs and inserts are through 25-way D-Sub connectors on the back.

(pictured above are the Ark 516 and the Ark 516 Expander)